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About us

Just the basics
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FluidV is an online gaming community and clan that is seeking new members who would like to join in the fun! We are currently in the process of training teams for competitive play, finding members for general play and so much more! We are also keen to hold some raffle competitions and prizes, hold competitive tournaments in CounterStrike: Global Offensive and maybe with enough support, create our very own Rust Server! We one day hope to host a large community of Gamers in a fun-filled, friendly environment and have competitive teams from many different games and genres to play in professional matches!

  • 100% Friendly

    Our admins are fully dedicated to ensuring a friendly atmosphere for members and creating a fun envirnoment.

  • 100% Dedication

    At FluidV we are dedicated to bringing more enjoyment to the community by implementing game servers and creating perks for members as well as full dedication to our clan training and expect the same from our commrades!

  • 100% Life

    We understand these boring lives of ours can get in the way of our real passion for gaming. We aren't going to complain if you need to go quickly or can't be on today.

  • ZERO bullshit tolerance

    This is self-explanatory but just incase. Harrassing, sexist comments, swearing infront of younger members, etc. are not permitted and an admin has the right to issue a ban until such time the owner can review the ban.

Our team

Some of our admins and people that could make this possible!
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Lachlan Mayes

Owner – Head of Operations
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Jesse Rudd-Graham

Admin – Head of Overwatch
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Damon Holster

Admin – Head of CS:GO
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Lionel Draper

Professional Milk-Guzzler

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